Articles by Sharon Lee

When Should You File an Insurance Claim?

Your homeowners insurance protects you against damage to your property or possessions in many different scenarios. But how will you know when you should file an insurance claim? In this article,...

A Dog Owner’s Guide to House Hunting

Life at home should always be great – not just for the humans who live there, but for the furry members of the family, too!

4 Easy Ways to Stage Your Home to Make It More...

So you're ready to sell your home - but is your home ready? Learn how you can stage your home in 4 easy steps from the pros at Coldwell Banker.

Money Saving Energy Upgrades that Appeal to Buyers

Money saving energy upgrades that appeal to buyers. Discover more home buying and selling tips.

What Are Closing Costs?

What are closing costs? What should I know before getting my next loan?

3 Important Tips for Welcoming Home Your Newly...

Bringing home your newly adopted dog is always an adjustment for everyone involved. Here are 3 important tips to welcome your new family member.
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