Articles by Sharon Lee

Trend Alert: 8 Colors to Try This Season

Fall is here! Make holiday house guests and potential buyers feel at-home with the comfy, cozy and even cheerful shades of the season.

Hurricane Home Repairs: 3 Steps To Repair Your...

When repairing a roof, it is critical to not just patch it, but to rebuild it so it is capable of withstanding future events.

The Best and Worst Flooring Materials for Family...

Is it possible to have children, pets, and beautiful flooring? The answer is yes.

How to Plan Your Furniture Arrangement Before...

Map out how you want to arrange your furniture in your new home before moving in with this 7-step checklist.

How to Decorate With the Ever-Stylish Warm Gray

Tired of tan? Getting gloomy from cool gray? Make warm gray your new go-to neutral.

Best Towns for Fall Foliage

From the east coast to the west coast, check out our favorite places in America to enjoy the autumn pleasures.
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