Articles by Sharon Lee

Choosing the Best Grass Type for Dallas-Fort Worth

Finding the right grass type that will grow in the heat and cold of Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas, can sometimes be a problem if you don't know where to look. Growing grasses that need less water and less...

Up Your Entertaining Game With a Stylish Home Bar

If you love to entertain, carve out a stylish corner just for drinks. Even if you’re short on space, here are 5 basics to get the party started.

Special Delivery! How Video Cameras Can Help You...

As convenient as online shopping is for consumers, it’s even more convenient for package thieves.

How to Remove Weeds

One of the things that can mar the beauty of a lawn is weeds. They spread across a lawn and dig their roots down into the soil. So, you need to know how to identify and then learn how to remove weeds...

Give This Holiday and Make Your Home Clutter-Free

Charitable organizations make it even easier for you to donate your household items this time of year.

Why Are There Holes in Your Lawn?

When you find a hole or holes in your lawn, your first question should be, why? Because there are different signs for wildlife or insects, and holes in your lawn could be one of them. This guide will...
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