Articles by Victoria Keichinger

Considering a Career in Real Estate?

What does it take to have a successful career in real estate? A Coldwell Banker young rising star shares his story.

Toss These 5 Things Before You Move For a Fresh...

While you’re packing, consider throwing out these household items and give yourself a fresh start in your new home.

Pare Down and Declutter By Knowing How Much Stuff...

Play the numbers game to streamline your belongings, for a neater home and a less-stressed you.

4 Tips to Selling an Inherited Property

Selling an inherited house can be draining. Coldwell Banker gives 4 tips on how to successfully prepare, organize and sell your inherited house.

Does Your Living Room Feel Unfinished? Ask...

Your answers can offer clues to get from not-yet-done to perfectly designed.

“Alexa: Open Gen Blue News”

New Amazon Alexa Skill brings real estate news to Coldwell Banker agents and brokers.
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