Hey there! Thanks so much for joining our session, “A Match Made in Heaven: How Social Media & Content Marketing Can Help You Build Lasting Relationships.” We hope you had a great time and left with plenty of ideas on how to implement social media & content marketing in your own business.

So you can hit the ground running, start with these 7 actionable steps right now:

1. JOIN – Join the Generation Blue facebook group.

2. SHARE – Check out the Blue Matter blog and share a post with your network using the blue share button on the upper right-hand corner.

3. POST– Send ahf@coldwellbanker.com a link to one of your listings.  She’ll post it on the Coldwell Banker instagram or pinterest account.

4. BLOG – Inquire about joining the Regional Blogging Program.  If you’re interesting in participating, send victoria.keichinger@coldwellbanker.com an email with your name and proposed region.

5. STUDY UP – Brush up on Social Media 101 by downloading the Social Media White Paper on CB Exchange.

6. WATCH – Watch the Digital Reputation Series to understand how to manage what people are finding when they search your name or company on Google. It’s not just word of mouth anymore, it’s word of mouse, too!

7. BRAG – We want to hear about your success. Share updates on facebook, tweet at us (@coldwellbanker), or email ahf@coldwellbanker.com & victoria.keichinger@coldwellbanker.com.

Best of luck and see you soon!