We’re a 106+ year old brand with a buzz and energy behind it palpable enough to make any “hip” and new Silicon Valley startup jealous. No doubt, a big part of this momentum began when we rebranded “IBC” and launched “Generation Blue” in 2011.

As the stewards of the brand in the field, touching tens of thousands agents and brokers at meetings and rallies, you all do a phenomenal job of drilling home our value and cultivating that momentum.

Our rallies are extensions of our Generation Blue Experiences and we want to ensure that there is a strong sense of “branding” and uniformity to these events; because you can never make a second first impression! The first thing our agents and brokers hear (or don’t hear) when coming into our rallies is music. And that is important!

As a music connoisseur, our President & CEO Budge Husky has personally put together a 1 hour long music playlist that you should play at your venue for the hour prior to the start of your events. We think you’ll find the playlist to be a perfect mood setter; starting off mellow and then gradually ramping up in tempo. The end result should be an audience awake and ready for a full day of active learning and engagement with the Brand and each other. It also makes us look really cool (because we are).

*You need to have Spotify installed in order to enjoy the music. Visit Spotify to get a free account.