Moments of awesomeness happen at home every day. A baby takes her first steps. Grandpa celebrates his 90th birthday. College acceptance letters are opened. And pups do hilarious things.

The 2016 Coldwell Banker advertising campaign, “This is Home. This is Where Awesomeness Happens.” celebrates the ordinary, but awesome moments that shape the house we call home. As our most authentic campaign, these are real moments in real homes with real people. And now, we turn to Gen Blue, the most awesome network in real estate, to help create more awesomeness.

For a chance to be featured in the next “This is Home. This is Where Awesomeness Happens.” commercial, submit a video that you have personally created and own of an awesome moment happening at your home. The video could even be something you shot on your phone (though horizontal orientation is preferred, please)!

Here’s how to submit:

  1. Complete the contact form below and include a link to where we can view the video. (Do not send us the video directly).
  2. Coldwell Banker will review submissions and contact selected participants directly.
  3. You may see your moment showcased in the next Coldwell Banker commercial, airing on TV and other online outlets.

So, send us that clip of Dad dancing with the vacuum in his pajamas, or that video of your 7-year old sliding down the hallway in his makeshift superhero cape. Send us videos of birthdays and holidays, of military homecomings, and of cute pets. We want your funniest, most heartwarming, most ridiculous moments! Send us your awesomeness.

Video Submissions

Applicable Submission Rules:

  • Only members of the Coldwell Banker® brand network (including affiliated brokers, office managers, agents and employees of brokers) may submit a video for consideration.
  • Any video submitted for consideration must have been created by the submitter and/or the submitter must own all copyright rights in and to the submitted video.
  • Coldwell Banker will evaluate each video in its sole discretion.
  • Submission does not guarantee inclusion in the campaign.
  • Coldwell Banker will not make or retain copies of any video submissions during the selection process.  If your video is selected to be part of the campaign, Coldwell Banker will request an electronic copy of the video directly from you along with the accompanying required releases.
  • Selected participants will be contacted directly by email on or before October 1, 2016 .
  • This is not a contest and there is no prize or compensation for being selected.
  • If your video is selected for the Coldwell Banker advertising commercial campaign, you will be required to sign a full release and license stating that the submitter owns all copyright rights in and to the video submission and  providing Coldwell Banker the right to use the video, including without limitation, a license of any rights in and to the video, including copyright rights, deemed necessary by Coldwell Banker.
  • If any persons other than the submitter appear in the video, you will be required to obtain their consent and Coldwell Banker will require a signed release from such other persons who appear in the video permitting Coldwell Banker to use their likeness.
  • If minors appear in your video, you will be required to obtain the consent of the parents or legal guardians of any minors who appear in the video as a condition of inclusion in the advertising commercial campaign and Coldwell Banker will require a signed release from such minors’ parent or legal guardian to use their likeness.