Blue is Winning

Blue is the official color of winning, and it also happens to be the official color of Coldwell Banker.

Blue is Compassion

Blue is the color of compassion, and of Coldwell Banker. We've helped thousands of adoptable pets find their forever homes - because we believe that everyone deserves a loving home.

Blue is Fast

Blue is the color of fast. It's also the color of Coldwell Banker - a brand that sports the CBx app and its predictive technology that blows the competition away.

Blue is Fabulous

From blue jeans to blue dresses to blue suede shoes, people look fabulous in blue.  Especially if they’re real estate agents.

Blue is Big

Blue is big. From the big blue sky to the deep blue sea, the world's number one favorite color is everywhere you look.

Blue Matters

Blue is the most popular color in the world and it's no coincidence that it's also the color of the Coldwell Banker brand.
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