Interior Decorating Ideas to Modernize Your NYC Home

If you’re looking for interior decorating ideas to modernize your apartment, it’s helpful to think about what modern design is. To many, a modern space means a minimalist space. Here are a few easy ways to incorporate a modern look into your space.

If you’re looking for interior decorating ideas to modernize your New York City apartment, it’s helpful to think about what the definition of modern design is. To many, a modern space means a minimalist space. A modern space is sparse and uncluttered, with lots of white items, clean-lined furniture, and possibly some slightly “futuristic”-looking pieces. It can be a good idea to take just a few elements of modern design, such as one chair, something metal, or an accent wall, and incorporate it into your space. That way you have a mix, which makes your design scheme look fresh and “now.” A full-scale modern interior decorating design can veer toward looking cold or like a movie set, so it can be best to combine different styles together for a unique and contemporary look.


There are many great resources out there for modern furniture. Brick-and-mortar home furnishing stores can provide interior decorating ideas when you walk through and observe the vingettes that the designers set up to show off the furniture. Design Within Reach has a very clean and modern aesthetic, and their Sapien bookcase is a particularly great piece that will add a modern look to anyone’s decor.

A great way to bring a modern look to your space is with an accent chair, and AllModern — an online retailer with a huge inventory of modern pieces — is a good source for such modern pieces as ghost chairs, tulip chairs, and wire chairs.

Accent Pieces

If you want modern pieces for your kitchen and even the bathroom, look no further than Alessi. In addition to its online store, this Italian retailer has two outposts in Manhattan, where you can find eye-catching, modern pieces that are perfect for injecting a modern look into your space. NYC-based retailer Dwell has a store in SoHo that’s very inspiring to walk through: They have a wonderfully modern (but still warm) aesthetic, and their accent pieces are beautiful.

Accent Wall

An accent wall can be a simple yet striking way to bring a modern look to your space. You can choose any color that speaks to you — even black, which can create a modern, interesting look. Just make sure your accent wall works for the space; choose your wall strategically. Don’t forget about your bedroom: For visual pop and a real eye-catching statement, make the wall behind your bed an accent wall.


Minimalism is one of the basic tenets of modern interior design, so if you really want your space to read “modern” the minute someone walks in the door, you must de-clutter. You can spend a lot of money trying to achieve a modern look, but de-cluttering is free and probably the most effective way to get the look in the first place!

Surfaces should be clean and neat with very few items on them. This includes the desk, the coffee table, any dressers, and the kitchen counters. Hide away wires from appliances, computers, and televisions. A truly “modern” space should be devoid of tchotchkes. But if you have knickknacks you’re particularly fond of, you don’t necessarily need to get rid of them to achieve that coveted modern look: Curate what you have (and donate anything you don’t want) to ensure that your belongings are artfully styled.


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