Roof Repair or a New Roof? A Guide for Dallas Homeowners

Roof repairs can be frequent in the Dallas area. Regular spring hail storms and high winds can do a lot of damage, sometimes without the homeowner even being aware of it. Most asphalt roofs need replacement or repaired regularly.

Roof repair is a frequent necessity in the Dallas area. Regular spring hailstorms and high winds can do a lot of damage to asphalt roofs (sometimes without the homeowner even being aware of it). It’s often a close call whether you should repair your roof or replace it entirely. Here’s a guide to help you choose.

Review Your Homeowners Insurance

Most Metroplex homeowners decide whether to spring for a new roof or roof repair based on their homeowners insurance policy. Most policies at least partially cover the cost of a new roof, so depending on the amount of damage, you may choose to replace it. But if you have only one or two trouble spots, it may be worth your while to get the roof repaired.

No matter what, be sure to shop around. Most roofing companies will try to talk you into getting a new roof instead of roof repair. Ask friends and family members to recommend quality roofers.

Roof Damage Signs

Dean Caldwell, owner of Fort Worth–based J.D. Caldwell Construction Roofing Contractors, says it’s pretty easy to spot roof damage if you know what you’re looking for.

“Look for bruising on asphalt shingles,” he said. “A hailstone will make a circular-shaped spot that knocks the colored granules off the shingle. You’ll see the back of the shingle, which is black.” Broken tiles are also a telltale sign that roof repairs are needed, he said.

You can also tell a roof needs repairs by inspecting the ceilings, he said. Leaks create stains. Sometimes you’ll see bulges or tape coming off the Sheetrock on the ceiling as well.

Roof Maintenance

Take steps to make sure you don’t inherit someone else’s bad roof. Caldwell said that when homebuyers are considering buying a home that they should look for signs that the homeowner did maintenance. “Look at the roof to see if they have regularly cleaned debris off the places where the roof joins,” he said. “Gutters and drains should be free from debris, too.”

Coatings to Upgrade Your Roof

One thing to consider while you are getting roof repairs is whether you want to add a roof coating to protect and provide additional energy efficiency. Superior One Roofing in Irving says that a roof coating can help waterproof your roof. Other products add a reflective coating that will help lower energy costs during hot summer months.

Roof repairs are unavoidable in the Metroplex, but if you’re informed, you can keep your home protected with a new or repaired roof.


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