Welcome to our home. Come on in and let us serve you up some stories about home, real estate and more. You see we started Coldwell Banker Blue Matter in February of 2010 as the official blog of the Coldwell Banker brand. Think of it as a new construction with the intent of adding insight, commentary and at times humor to the real estate experience.

Our blog might be relatively young, but Coldwell Banker Real Estate has been helping people find home longer than any other national real estate brand. We believe that your home truly is your castle and that our calling in life is to find the one that’s perfect for you.

So come on in. Hang up your jacket and make yourself comfortable. Let us introduce you to the people who help make this blog a home.

Budge Huskey – President & CEO

Mike Fischer – Chief Operating Officer

David Siroty – VP of North American Communications

David Marine – VP of Brand Engagement

Lindsay Listanski – Social Media Manager

Gustavo Gonzalez – Consumer Engagement Specialist

Guest Bloggers

Dr. Robi Ludwig- Nationally Known Psychotherapist and Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC Lifestyle Correspondent