TV shows have some of the greatest homes. You’ve got Dallas, the apartment from Friends, the mansion from Fresh Prince of Bel Air. All of these places are decorated perfectly and often have layouts that you can never find in actual homes. In fact sometimes the layouts defy logic. Until now!

Buzzfeed has compiled 15 floor plans from some of TV’s best places to live. Pictured above is the layout for Sheldon’s and Penny’s  apartments from CBS’ The Big Bang Theory but they’ve also got layouts of the Seattle pad from Frasier, Carrie’s apartment on Sex and the City, Wayne Manor, Bewitched, I Love Lucy and more.

What I love about TV homes is you never worry about what the rent or mortgage payment is and how that relates to the character’s occupation. So throw mortgage calculators to the wind and enjoy exploring the layout of some of TV’s most interesting homes.

Click here to see the full list of TV floorplans on Buzzfeed.

Big Bang Theory Apartments. Source: / via: