Whether you watch the Masterpiece Classic hit on PBS and Netflix or not, chances are you’ve heard of Downton Abbey and the infamous home pictured above that is a central character of the show. In the states, Downton has just finished up its third season and one of the biggest questions of any fan is (spoiler alert) why on earth did they have to kill Matthew?!?!?!?! I mean seriously. He was like the only likable person on that show, outside of the masterful Maggie Smith who is just a treasure…ok I got sidetracked.

One of the biggest questions of any fan is what is it really like inside Highclere Castle which is the real life home for the taping of Downton Abbey. This amazing 120,000 sq. ft. castle has been home to Lady Carnarvon and her family since the 17th century. It was once considered the “social epicenter of Edwardian England” and has over 1,000 acres of parkland, 50 bedrooms and enough drama to rival any show involving “housewives.”

Our friends over at Coldwell Banker Previews Inside Out got the chance to sit down with Lady Carnarvon and discuss the place she’s called home and get some insight into how true to life the stories in Downton Abbey are to what occurred in real life at Highclere Castle. Maybe she can also give some insight into why Mathew had to die at the end of season three. Someone needs to answer for this…

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