Macaulay Culkin Turns $2 Million Home Into An Art StudioWhen I typically think of Macaulay swinging paint cans around it’s usually in reference to him smacking Daniel Stern and Joe Pesci with them in the comedy classic (yes, classic) Home Alone. Turns out Culkin is swinging paint cans for a different reason these days and it’s not just to redecorate his home…well maybe it is.

Turns out the former child star fancies himself an artist these days and actually transformed his $2 million home into an art studio.

Culkin’s Manhattan apartment acted as home base for the recently released art exhibit by Culkin and two friends. The exhibit is called “Leisure Inferno” but that name is only slightly outdone by what Culkin and his compadres refer to themselves as: Three Men and a Baby. No I’m not kidding.

On top of that the threesome recently created a video showcasing some of their art and how they took over Macaulay Culkin’s home in preparation for their show. It’s not exactly Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, but in a way it kind of is.

Curious to hear what kind of reception your roommates or significant others would give you should try and turn your home into a makeshift art studio. I for one know that would never fly in my house.

For more details on Macaulay Culkin’s home turned art studio, check out the video above.


Image courtesy of Flickr user s_herman