How does it feel when you’re out and about with family or friends all day without access to a charger and for some inexplicable reason your phone battery dies? Or how about when one of those pesky late summer thunder storms roll in cutting your lights out, reducing you to Ben Franklin-like candle usage like it was 1783 again? Not fun?! Now imagine for a second, if an unknown phenomenon disabled all advanced technology on the planet, from iPads, iPhones and computers to airplanes, batteries and cars. No more lights. No more stoves. No. More. Facebook. (oh, the horror!)

This is the premise behind NBC’s “Revolution”, one of the most heavily anticipated new shows of the fall season. Premiering tonight at 10pm EST, the J.J. Abrams produced Sci-Fi Drama takes place in the post-apocalyptic future, 15 years after the “lights went out”. It does a great job of examining how our heavily technology dependent society might react to essentially being thrown back into the stone age.

Judging from the collapse of social order I see in the trailers and the pilot episode, it seems like the characters don’t take too well to the lack of electricity. With all the money they’ll be saving on gas and electric bills, we suggest the characters on this show look into buying new sustainable modern homes that let in as much natural light as possible! It won’t help much at night but at least they’ll have the natural light during the day whether they’re indoors or outdoors. Here are a few cool homes we’d suggest they look at:

An Australian Oasis on the River

Australia1 No Electricity? No Problem: Homes for Characters on NBCs Revolution

This massively luxurious home in Norman Park offers views of the Brisbane River as well as an open floor plan with glass walls and interior courtyards. See more of this home on

When all else fails, just buy land!

CB No Electricity? No Problem: Homes for Characters on NBCs Revolution

No amount of fancy architecture can get you as much natural light as being outside in the sun. So why not buy a beach and pitch a tent instead? This property, listed by Coldwell Banker St. Kitts-Nevis Realty boasts over 600 feet of waterfront with whitesand beaches. Check the property out on

A light filled modern home in Japan

House in Yamasaki Yo Shimada 2 No Electricity? No Problem: Homes for Characters on NBCs Revolution

This ultra-modern daylit marvel in Yamasaki, Japan was designed specifically to capture as much natural light as possible. Architect Yo Shamada drew a lot of inspiration for this home from natural greenhouses. Courtesy of: Inhabitat

You can’t throw stones at a glass house

hamptons No Electricity? No Problem: Homes for Characters on NBCs Revolution

This beachfront Hamptons retreat is built on glass boxes of various sizes that let in so much light you’ll forget all about electricity. Since refrigerators don’t work, the close proximity to the beach will come in handy when it comes time to pick up dinner…in the water. Courtesy of: The Wall Street Journal

Visit the “Revolution” website to learn more about the most anticipated new show of the Fall.