Grammy20132 Our Favorite Songs About Home   The Essential Playlist

The Grammy Awards air on February 10th

With our brand new :30 second TV spot premiering on the 55th annual Grammy Awards in a few short weeks, we’ve been in an extra musical mood here at the Coldwell Banker headquarters. So to celebrate our new launch and to commemorate music’s biggest day, we’ve put together an epic playlist of songs that speak about our favorite thing: Home.

With well over 150 “nominations” submitted to us via our official Facebook page, the Coldwell Banker “musicologists” sifted through hours of classic and soon to be classic songs to create the 29 track “Our Favorite Songs About Home” Spotify playlist.

With songs included that were recorded as far back as the 50′s to as recently as 2012, “Our Favorite Songs About Home” represents almost every genre and tempo of music that evenly touch each of the last 7 decades! After all, when did you think you’d ever see a playlist with Elvis Presley and Diddy on it?

While the mix of songs are eclectic and varied, the common denominator in every song on this essential playlist is that they all speak to the universal comfort we get from home. No matter how successful we all get, or to what picturesque lands our travels take us to, we always eventually yearn for the warmth we get from home – physically and emotionally.

We hope you enjoy! And be sure to keep a look out for our new ad that will air during the Grammy Awards on February 10th!

*You need to have Spotify installed in order to enjoy the music. Visit Spotify to get a free account.