pharrell Pharrell Williams on the Move

Pharrell & I at his charity event.

I was thrilled to see that the music icon Pharrell Williams has agreed to work with Jill Eber and Jill Hertzberg, known as “The Jills” and the top selling team in the entire Coldwell Banker brand. The Jills are amazing people and so is Pharrell.

I met Pharrell last year at a charity event he hosted with CNN’s Soledad O’Brien. The event was held at another upscale home listed by the Jills with Coldwell Banker Previews International. I don’t usually get to attend star-studded events but was really impressed with Pharrell and Soledad’s commitment to helping young women.

Pharrell was warm and engaging and spent quality time with just about every guest. He spoke with me, the Jills and other colleagues about his desire to eventually move from downtown Miami to a more residential neighborhood where his son could grow up, attend a good school and participate in traditional suburban activities.

Pharrell is a star having accomplished so much already in his musical career as a singer, composer and producer. And that night he played the celebrity role as a gracious host. But for a few minutes that night when we spoke, he was a “regular” person who talked about homeownership like we all do.

While obviously concerned about the financial aspect of selling his home and where prices were headed, he was more concerned about the lifestyle that a new home could provide for his wife and son. He asked Jill and Jill about different communities in Miami, about public and private schools, commutes and other traditional amenities. He was curious, attentive and took it all in. He made a wise choice in choosing to work with the Jills.

Having started my career in the college sports world, I have had the pleasure of having prominent sports stars as friends. Sure they are asked for autographs, treated differently than most of us and they made more money than I probably ever will, but they are also regular people when the lights aren’t on. For that one night in Miami, I will always remember Pharrell not as a cultural icon, but as a regular guy thinking about selling his home (above) and buying a new one that would better meet the needs of his family.

He was doing it for lifestyle, not money. Good luck in your move Pharrell!