bm Presidential Town Hall: Important Questions That Werent AskedNearly 70 million people tuned in to watch the presidential debate and heard audience members ask Mitt Romney and Barack Obama thoughtful, specific and often personalized questions.  One came from a college student who asked about the future of employment for his generation. Other hot topics included small business, immigration, gun control, tax deductions, sustainable energy and equality for women.

However, one major topic was clearly absent from the conversation. Where was the topic of housing?

There is so much to discuss.  From the “underwater” homeowners to today’s stabilizing – and even increasing – home prices.  From lowered rates of homeownership to the future of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.  The list goes on and on.  Surely there was a homeowner in the audience or someone who dreams of owning a home one day that had this on their mind

Real estate has a significant impact on the economy and this topic deserves attention from President Obama and Governor Romney.  Coldwell Banker, as you would expect from the nation’s oldest real estate brand, plays a leadership role in the industry.  So it makes sense that we share this blog with you and the campaigns to hopefully gauge where each candidate stands on housing.

Last night we asked our Facebook fans to identify housing questions they think should be answered by the candidates.

prezquestion 300x158 Presidential Town Hall: Important Questions That Werent Asked

The responses are also thoughtful, specific and often personalized questions.  They deserve to be asked and also answered.

We have tweeted to both campaigns and will keep you informed if, when and how they respond.  Take a look at some of the questions and feel free to suggest some others:

Kathy M.: Do you think housing will lead the economy recovery long term and why or why not?

Linda L.: What are your plans for improving the housing market? Do you understand that will create jobs and boost the economy?

Michelle P.:  would want to know what the administration would do to help people achieve home ownership.

Cynthia L.: What is your plan to retain the mortgage interest deduction?

John S.: How will you balance the needs of lenders to make safe loans with the unattainable QRM requirements? What plans do you have to strengthen FNMA and the secondary market?


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