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The Story Behind the Home in Silver Linings Playbook

Home is a central character in the Oscar-nominated film, Silver Linings Playbook. Each of the homes featured in the film have their own charm and uniqueness to it. Not to mention amazing 70′s decor. But beyond set design, there’s a great story behind the home used for Jennifer Lawrence’s character in the film where Bradley Cooper and her may have ultimately danced their way to a couple of Oscars.

Argo: The Most Unique and Secretive Homecoming Ever

Hi. My name’s Kevin Harkins and I’m gonna get you home. For me, that was the most memorable line from the Oscar-nominated film, Argo. The nominee for best picture redefines the term thriller, but at its core it’s a film about the most unique and secretive homecoming in American history.

February 12 / 2013