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Relocating to America: Your Guide to Making A Home Away From Home

“Your home is you – it’s who you are – where you’re from…”

March 13 / 2014

Reliving Revolutionary War History at the Ford Mansion

During the American Revolutionary War, George Washington took refuge in Morristown, NJ at Ford Mansion.

July 03 / 2013

Presidential Town Hall: Important Questions That Weren’t Asked

One major topic was clearly absent from the conversation during the Presidential Town Hall. Where was the topic of housing?

Real Estate Headlines for 4th of July Week

Is Fourth of July really this week?  Our summer senses are tingling from the yummy smell of backyard BBQ’s to the sound of summer tunes. Before you head out of work tomorrow to celebrate the holiday check out these real estate headlines: By now we are sure you have heard the buzz about the TomKat [...]

My Memorial Day Post…Part II

I wrote this a couple of years ago and wanted to share it again because it remains relevant today. Just as I wrote back on May 27, 2010, my wife and I are again headed to our Lake Michigan area cottage for the Memorial Day weekend. I also continue to love our great country and am incredibly in awe of those who serve our country in the United States military.

May 25 / 2012

How Americans Feel About Home

Hi my name is Dr. Robi Ludwig, and I’m a psychotherapist in New York City. I teamed up with Coldwell Banker Real Estate this Spring to better understand Americans’ mindset after the recession on important issues like owning a home.

May 15 / 2012
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The Best Place to Live in America

I finally had a chance to get to the recent edition of Money Magazine which ranks the top 100 places to live in America. Louisville, Colorado (don’t pronounce it Lou-ee-ville…that’s in Kentucky) is the #1 place to live the nation. Money wrote, “Here’s a cheerful mail carrier buying lemonade from a kid’s sidewalk stand; there’s a throng of 10-year-olds making a pit stop at the ice cream parlor; everywhere neighbors are waving.” What is this town? Pleasantville?

September 07 / 2011

The Most Beautiful Place to Live in America

Ever wonder what it would be like to live in the most beautiful place in America? That’s gotta be pretty cool. Well now we know where that place is. According to Good Morning America it’s Sleeping Bear Dunes, Michigan.

August 19 / 2011

American Towns According to Twitter Infographic

Amercians love their home towns. We all have nicknames for the places we live. Some are well known to residents across the country, while others are more exclusive to those living within the city limits. I was curious when I saw a survey put out today by InboxQ that relates to how Amercians refer to their hometowns on Twitter.

June 16 / 2011
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57 Cents – Then and Now

Despite the factors which have changed, gas prices are still on the minds of many Americans today, so we decided to survey our network of real estate professionals to see how fuel costs are influencing where people want to live.

May 18 / 2011
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