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You Might Hate Yourself For Buying One Of These

the hardest part of waking up in the morning is actually getting out of bed

March 13 / 2014

10 Bedroom Updates to Transform Your Room in a Pinch

Here are a few of my favorite easy updates that are big on style yet won’t break the bank

The Perfect Home According to Pinterest

We here at Coldwell Banker thought it would be a great idea to pull the most pinned and liked images from our various Pinterest boards and build the perfect home.

August 01 / 2013
Author Ariel Williams
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Please Show Me How to Fold a Fitted Sheet

There are certain things in my home that I openly admit I have no idea how to do. Replace a sink? Tried it and didn’t work out to well. Install a bathtub? Not gonna happen. I know my limitations as an amateur handyman. There are simple things that I should know how to do, but just never learned to do it the right way. Like folding a fitted sheet.

October 04 / 2012

Here’s to Kid’s Rooms: 10 Rooms We Wish We Grew Up In

In May, we learned from Dr. Robi Ludwig home provides emotional and psychological benefits that go far beyond financial returns. I believe that these benefits play a vital role in even our earliest years of life.  Our earliest roots are planted right in our bedroom. Looking back on my childhood I smile thinking about the [...]

Top Home Upgrades That Are In High Demand

Many existing homeowners choose summer time to spruce up their homes and make upgrades or improvements. While some home features, such as formal living rooms, have waned in popularity as of late, there are several common improvement projects that consumers still turn toward, to increase space and improve their real estate value. Storage space Built-in [...]

June 18 / 2012

Your Next House Could Have a Snoring Room

No one likes to have their beloved sleep disturbed by the person next to you sawing logs all night, but some people are going so far as to have sound proof rooms built to deal with their snoring slumber partner.

August 09 / 2011
Author David Marine
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