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Slideshow: Star Gazer Dream Homes

People have been looking at the stars since time began. It’s one of the earliest form of entertainment and some of the first stories told were engineered from looking at the stars. Over time our homes have caused us to lose some of the luster of gazing into the heavens, but at Coldwell Banker Real Estate we found a few homes that are perfect for those who enjoy a closer look at the galaxy. Here are five special homes that Galileo would have loved to call his own:

Slideshow: Homes with Recording Studios

The Grammy Awards are this Sunday and the music world will congregate to honor singers, songwriters or reasonable facsimiles thereof at the annual showstopping ceremony. All of the nominated artists come from a home somewhere, but who knows how many more artists would shoot to stardom if they had their very own recording studio downstairs!

February 07 / 2013

Childhood Home of Nickelodeon Star Ariana Grande Hits Market

Every watch iCarly? Victorious? Come on…admit it. These Nickelodeon classics are this decade’s Happy Days, Full House and Wonder Years rolled into one. And if you haven’t seen it, your kids or grandchildren definitely have.

January 24 / 2013