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Real Estate Headlines for the First Week of December

I saw someone post on Twitter that December is the Friday of the months. Well, welcome to the last month of the year and all the gift wrapping, cookie eating, family gathering festivities it holds. I will try and stay focused as I share this weekly batch of real estate headlines.

December 04 / 2012

Real Estate Headlines for Thanksgiving Week

The holiday season is officially here. While the malls ushered it in around Labor Day, the calendar confirms its presence with Thanksgiving’s arrival on Thursday. While you ready your home for either company or perhaps a trip elsewhere, here are some real estate headlines to start your week:

Real Estate Headlines for Early October

I’m not sure where September went, but I do know there’s nothing I can do about it. So as you pass pumpkins and scarecrows on doorsteps and the urge to crack open that Halloween candy before you can give it away, here are some real estate headlines to keep you in the know:

Real Estate Headlines for the Second Week in September

The first week of the NFL games is complete and you’re back to school schedule/commute is probably back to normal. The air may be getting a little crisper in the evenings and pretty soon your favorite TV shows will be back with original episodes. Welcome to the second week of September. To honor the occasion here are some real estate headlines