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The Role of Lifestyle Trends in Searching for a Home

The video below is a segment we did with NBC’s LXTV Open House. If you’re not watching Open House on the weekends, you should absolutely check it out as it’s one of the freshest and interesting real estate programs out there. But anyway, Coldwell Banker Real Estate was the first real estate company to launch a lifestyle search feature on its website. We didn’t just do that to be cool and be the first (maybe that was part of it), but the main reason was because there’s a significant trend among real estate consumers that shows their lifestyle is a major player in the home or neighborhood they choose to live in.

October 13 / 2011

Hey Case-Shiller It’s Not the End of the Real Estate World

So many of us giggled nervously as we thankfully avoided the end of the world a couple of weeks ago. But judging by the continued “end of the world” type coverage the Case-Shiller housing study got this week, maybe we are nearing the end. Yes. I am joking, but I am amazed at the attention [...]

June 02 / 2011

What Makes a House a Home? Family

Everything changes when you become a parent. As a mother of two beautiful daughters, I can speak with first-hand experience. You begin looking through the world with a new lens on life, which affects many major decisions.  I remember looking for a home when I was pregnant with my first child, and I’ll never forget [...]

September 02 / 2010
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