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For This CEO Home Truly Does Rock

No doubt we all believe home rocks, though the term is probably subject to individual interpretation. Most of us feel home rocks due to it being the place where we spend the most time with those we love, or perhaps it’s due to the sense of peace one may find in a world that’s constantly moving far too fast just beyond our front door. All, and more, are very true. But for me, the term may be a little more literal.

January 21 / 2014

Jim Gillespie: Remembering His Second Sale

The ultimate goal for most of us is to find a job we enjoy in an industry we like. We want to make money and have a fair shot to advance and find success. We also want to feel like we are making a difference. The thousands of Coldwell Banker agents I have met over the last eight years while working in the brand’s corporate headquarters are no different.

December 06 / 2012