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2014 Coldwell Banker Bracket of Affordability

The pinnacle of college basketball glory is finally here. Welcome to March Madness. Selection Sunday has come and gone and now we are left sharpening our pencils and doing more college homework than we actually did in college in order study up for the annual NCAA Tournament.

2011 Coldwell Banker Bracket of Affordability

March Madness is finally here. At Coldwell Banker we love our college towns, and those locales with teams in the Big Dance are abuzz right now with tournament fever. While everyone rushes to fill out their brackets, Coldwell Banker for the second straight year is giving you the Bracket of Affordability. This bracket fills out [...]

March 14 / 2011

College Football Rankings By Home Price (INFOGRAPHIC)

This is a fantastic infographic for this time of year. Based on the 2010 Coldwell Banker Home Listing Report the following infographic takes a look at how some of the top college football towns rate based on average listing price and other demographic stats.

November 16 / 2010

Coldwell Banker Ranks College Town Affordability

Today, Coldwell Banker explores these great towns with the Coldwell Banker College Home Listing Report. We rank the affordability levels of the markets that are home to the 120 Football Bowl Subdivision schools.

A March Madness Look at College Towns

I’m on my way this week to Louisville and Knoxville for two major Coldwell Banker regional events.  I must admit that as a huge college basketball fan, my trips to these two great places is tinged with sadness.  Because Louisville and Tennessee are in the NCAA Tournament, I’m sure I’ll be met by a full [...]

March 17 / 2010

Coldwell Banker Affordability Bracket

I love this time of year. It’s March Madness. Everyone’s filling out brackets, and so many college towns are brimming with anticipation. I love these communities and have an affinity for all things college basketball. I was born in Pac-10 country (Fort Huachuca, Arizona), lived in the epicenter of the Big 10 (Columbus, OH), went [...]

March 15 / 2010