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Your Pet Called. They Said Buy This Now!

PetChatz is webcam, treat and odor dispenser for pets

March 28 / 2014
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There is No Place Like Dome

The house is a custom built and designed Geodesic Dome. It was almost entirely built – start to finish – by the current homeowner…

Behind the Scenes of the Coldwell Banker TV Shoot: Day 2

Welcome to the second day of our behind the scenes look at the Coldwell Banker TV shoot. Day 2 had some really interesting shots, some pretty amazing venues.and two incredible vehicles.

Holiday Home Gift Guide: The Animal Lover

Here at Coldwell Banker, we know that pets are an integral part of what makes a house a home. I’m better there’s at least one dog lover, cat person or owner of a hamster hotel on your holiday list this year so here are a few home gift ideas for the Animal Lover.

December 04 / 2012

Is Being in the Dog House Really Such a Bad Thing

Is Being in the Dog House Really Such a Bad Thing? Not if you are the lucky pooch who lives in one of these homes! “Here’s to pets…and all the things that make a house a home” This Coldwell Banker Value of a Home TV commercial showcases one of the great things that make a [...]

October 02 / 2012
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