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Quick Tips for Repairing Doors

When’s the last time you replaced the doors of your home? I’m guessing never. It’s something we don’t really think of. They’re just there. They open. They shut. So what if there are a few dings in them from children, door stoppers or rambunctious pets.

October 03 / 2013
Author David Marine
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Small Upgrades That Go a Long Way

No one wants to spend a fortune when it comes to selling a home, but most want to spruce up a few areas to make their property more appealing to potential buyers. There are several types of small improvements individuals can make that can transform the look of a home without forcing them to break [...]

July 02 / 2012

How to Weatherstrip Your Doors

Take a look at the video below which walks you through how to properly weatherstrip your doors and help you cut down on those unwanted drafts while also making your house more energy efficient in both the summer and winter.

February 18 / 2011