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The Most Irrelevant Feature of Every Home

What do tape decks, doorbells and flip phones have in common? Over time they’ve become completely irrelevant. They all were at one time another a necessity of our daily lives or at least appeared to be. At least tape decks and flip phones possess some utility. You can listen to music on tapes and you can still call someone on a flip phone. But there’s really absolutely no reason to have a doorbell.

April 11 / 2013

Inside the Home of Downton Abbey: Highclere Castle

Our friends over at Coldwell Banker Previews Inside Out got the chance to sit down with Lady Carnarvon and discuss the place she’s called home and get some insight into how true to life the stories in Downton Abbey are to what occurred in real life at Highclere Castle

March 12 / 2013

Home of the Week: A Stately New Jersey Manor

What looks to be a New Jersey version of Downton Abbey is actually so much more. This stately manor sits on 90+ acres of land making it one of the most sprawling and privacy laden homes on the East Coast.

Emmy Award Worthy Homes

Back in July, nominees for the 64th annual Primetime Emmys were announced and we happened to notice that the programs in the “Outstanding Drama Series” category all had great writing, acting and directing but some truly stunning homes as well. So to commemorate the shows we all love and the homes featured in them, we dedicated a week long series of blog posts to exploring some of the fantastic homes featured in the “Outstanding Drama Series” category.

Weekend Real Estate Recap from Blue Matter

The week can get busy very quickly and you may have missed some posts from this week. Here’s a recap of some of the best of the blog for the past week so you can catch up while you relax on the weekend.

Outstanding Home in a Drama Series: Downton Abbey

The 2012 Emmy nominations were announced last week and of course there were the usual suspects to go along with the obvious snubs. At Coldwell Banker Real Estate, we noticed that the nominees in the outstanding drama series category all contained not just notable writing, directing and acting but some truly interesting homes as well. So we thought we’d dedicate a series of blog posts to looking at some of the incredible homes featured in each of the shows nominated for outstanding drama series. To start we head across the pond to possibly the largest single family home on television.

July 23 / 2012

The 5 Most Interesting Homes on TV

Homes play a major role on television. They’re often more than just a setting, but a secondary character on a show. The homes of the Brady’s, the Huxtable’s, the Jetson’s, Bruce Wayne and even Clark Kent are places we wish we could explore. Sometimes the homes seen on TV are actually residences, but other times they’re just Hollywood sets. In either case, they still capture our imagination. Today, I want to explore 5 of the most interesting homes on TV today. Not necessarily the grandest places or even the most expensive, but ones that I think would be extremely interesting to experience: