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How Music and Home Play So Well Together

Go ahead and think of a song about home. You probably thought of at least 3 or 4 right off the top of your head. While love is the most popular subject of singers and songwriters across the globe, the romantic idea of home is a close second.

March 10 / 2014
Author David Marine
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The Emotional Impact of Buying A Home with Your Spouse

When headlines address the home buying market, it’s typically done from a dollars-and-cents perspective. But, buying a home is so much more than a business transaction as we are seeing a shift in the American culture that is being led by millennial couples who are purchasing a home before marriage. Buying a home is one of the most emotionally impactful experiences a person can have, especially if it’s a mutual experience shared with one’s husband or wife.

Coping with the Loss of Your Home

“I miss my home” was the Facebook message Liz Farrell boldly posted. Those words were on top of a photo of her home, for all of her Facebook friends to see. It was written only a few short days after Hurricane Sandy whipped her distinct and devastating effects on the East Coast. And, Liz was [...]

December 03 / 2012

Compelling Results from the Coldwell Banker Desire to Own Survey

By: Dr. Robi Ludwig When I decided to partner with Coldwell Banker on a survey about how Americans feel about home ownership, I was intrigued by what we might find.  What we found didn’t surprise me as much as it confirmed my working hypothesis: that homeownership is still something the vast majority of Americans seek. [...]

Real Estate Headlines for the Week Before Memorial Day

May is moving quickly towards June. Right now you’re probably in the midst of graduation party frenzy and anticipating that summer vacation. As Memorial Day approaches here are some real estate headlines to keep you on the pulse of what’s going on in the housing market:

Real Estate Headlines for the Middle of May

May is halfway in the rear view mirror. Memorial Day is quickly approaching. Hockey and basketball playoffs are coming to their championship rounds. And open houses appear to be the thing to do on the weekend. To help you cruise through what remains of May here are the latest real estate headlines: