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How E3 2013 Will Show You the Future of Your Home

E3 is the equivalent of the Cannes film festival for the video game industry. It’s where video game platforms makers, game designers and fans gather to see what’s next in the world of Mario, Master Chief and Grand Theft Auto. However if you’re a homeowner, this year’s E3 is an event you’ll want to pay attention to.

How the Apple iPhone 5 and iOS 6 Announcement Can Impact Your Home

The tech world has been abuzz for the last few weeks eagerly anticipating the announcement from Apple of an iPhone 5. Well, it’s here and your local Apple store is guaranteed to be even more crowded in the coming weeks as the new device is unveiled. But as I followed along with the Apple press conference I started seeing a number of the iPhone 5 featuers and changes to iOS 6 that can impact the home.

September 12 / 2012

Buyer Bonus Sales Event Extends Benefit of Home Buyer Tax Credit

We’re now in the final week of the federal home buyer tax credit, which enabled millions of home buyers to receive a credit of up to $8,000 following their home purchase. It’s been heart-warming to see this credit help and encourage so many people on their path toward home ownership. To keep momentum alive, Coldwell Banker today announced the launch of a Buyer Bonus Sales Event.

April 26 / 2010