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6 Socially Inspired Additions to Your Home

Social networks have virtually taken over our lives. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube have become as familiar as our family members. Sometimes even more so. While our lives are engulfed in social influence, our homes have remained relatively unscathed.

August 22 / 2012

Getting More Social with the Facebook “Like” and Google “+1″ Buttons

Here’s the understatement of the year (or perhaps of the last 4 to 5 years!?): Social Media has changed everything. Its changed the way we consume and share information, its changed how we interact with our friends, how we meet friends and it has also fundamentally changed the way companies do business…forever. One would think [...]

The New “Innovator”

Saw last week that Apple’s market cap topped Microsoft’s for the first time and became the #2 most valuable US public company behind Exxon/Mobil.  WOW.  It hit me.  Microsoft is the “old dawg”.  Are they today’s version of IBM in the 80′s?  When does the innovator become the laggard? An article in USA Today used [...]

World’s Bestest Cup of Coffee

Last week I railed against some of our competitors using unqualified claims in their marketing to consumers and other agents.  One such claim was “the No. 1 real estate company on Twitter and Facebook” on a widely circulated video…no source or disclaimer provided. So, someone online called them on it and they responded by referencing  [...]

March 26 / 2010