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Generation Why – Part 2 of 2

Continued from Generation Why – Part 1 of 2 … My brief conversations with other members of Generation Y serve to highlight that we’re extremely mobile (we are never still, barely plugged in but always connected), reliant on technology, demanding and informed but still looking for someone to partner up with us. As real estate [...]

Generation Why – Part 1 of 2

Insights into Generation Y and Real Estate Generation Y… Born roughly between 1982-1995, we were the first generation to grow up while the Internet flourished and skyrocketed, a lot of us have gone to college, some say we’re overly casual, we work with headphones on, we like tattoos, we skateboard, we question authority and feel [...]

Short Sales 101

I was home late last week relaxing on my sofa, giving my DVR a workout by catching up on all the TV I’ve missed out on recently, and came across a link that David Marine posted to the Coldwell Banker Facebook page titled, “Short Sales 101: Ins and Outs of Short Sales.” As a real [...]

Real World…New Jersey

Within the past three years I’ve gone from living in a dorm on campus, writing 10 page papers and staying up until 4AM studying for final exams (thank you Starbucks), to getting up early, busily managing important projects, attending day long strategy meetings, speaking with brokers at conferences, etc. etc… Basically taking on all of [...]