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Real Estate Headlines for the Week of Valentine’s Day

Let this serve as a reminder for those of you who have yet to purchase something for your significant other. You’re welcome. And now for your weekly collection of real estate headlines:

February 11 / 2013

Real Estate Headlines for Thanksgiving Week

The holiday season is officially here. While the malls ushered it in around Labor Day, the calendar confirms its presence with Thanksgiving’s arrival on Thursday. While you ready your home for either company or perhaps a trip elsewhere, here are some real estate headlines to start your week:

Real Estate Headlines for the Week of Hurricane Sandy

Thoughts and prayers are with those on the East Coast today. As I type this I have a front row seat to the wind and rain battering my home and I hope you and yours are safe and sound. For those not worried about the weather, here are some real estate headlines:

A Look at the 2011 Real Estate Market

Coldwell Banker CEO, Jim Gillespie, was interviewed on Fox News yesterday to talk about the state of the current real estate market.

February 24 / 2011
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