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A Win Win Strategy for Decorating Your Child’s Room

There are several options and strategies available to parents that will allow them to avoid outrageous patterns, wall colors or fabrics while still striking a happy balance with their children.

10 Bedroom Updates to Transform Your Room in a Pinch

Here are a few of my favorite easy updates that are big on style yet won’t break the bank

How to Fix Up Furniture for a Garage Sale

It’s summer and garage sales, yard sales and whatever they call it in your neighborhood abound. Every home owner probably has at least one piece of furniture that they want to get rid of, but you can’t justify selling it at a decent price because it needs some work. So instead of just giving it [...]

August 14 / 2013
Author David Marine
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Choosing the Ideal Outdoor Patio Furniture

When picking outside patio furniture, you want it to be fabulous and functional, especially with the weather extremes we have here in Dallas. While Dallas is known for its hot Texas sun, this can change in a minute.

June 14 / 2013
Author Suzanne Gattis
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Simple Steps for Cleaning Your Deck

The request has already been made in my home that the deck be cleaned before we start having company over for cookouts. Besides dusting off the outdoor furniture and hosing down the table and chairs, most homeowners don’t think about cleaning their deck other than when you first bring the stuff out from the basement or garage.

June 06 / 2013

A Dining Room Table Every Entertainer Needs

The Fusion table from Milano Smart Living, which doubles as a stylish dining table and pool table, cleverly brings to life the “two in one” concept to create a chic dining space as well as a fun game room.

The Coolest Couch We’ve Ever Seen

Pull out couches are yesterday’s news! This convertible bunk bed couch takes things to a whole new level!

October 09 / 2012

Choose Your Own Adventure Furniture

I saw this headline on Wired.com and had to click to see what this was all about. What I found is a really novel concept in furniture design. Pal Rodenius has designed multiple patterns on plywood to allow you to create a couple of different furniture options by just following the colored line of your choosing. It’s an adult version of cutting along the dotted lines…except these lines are solid.

June 22 / 2012
Author David Marine
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