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Home of the Week: Keeping up with ‘The Joneses’ at The Dudley Mansion

Historic descriptions of the lavish parties that were once regular occurrences at the ‘Dudley Mansion’ seem more like the best scenes from the “Great Gatsby” than actual real soirees. We’re not sure if F. Scott Fitzgerald was inspired by the parties at 400 South Front Street, but our newest ‘Home of the Week’ is one of the most well known and historically significant mansions of the South.

Extraordinary Homes Inspired by The Great Gatsby

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Unusual and Notorious Homes for Sale

Coldwell Banker recently helped Forbes with an article on “Strange Homes for Sale,” and we reached out to our network to find the most unusual, notorious homes on the market right now. Below are a few that really stood out. Take a look – you’ll be impressed!

December 23 / 2010

Most Popular Dream Homes

What are the most popular “dream homes” on coldwellbanker.com? We took a look at the top 10 most-viewed home listings in November, and found there is still a strong interest in the most extraordinary homes in the U.S. The top two homes are not only spectacular dream homes; they also have famous former residents.

December 10 / 2010