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Best Homecomings in Movie History: Home Alone

The second nominee in the #YourHome Awards honoring the best homecoming scenes in movie history is my personal childhood favorite – Home Alone.

Vote for the Greatest Coming Home Scenes in Movie History

The Academy Awards season is upon as hit films from 2013 and many you’ve never heard of are nominated for various awards. We’re excited about this time of year because we are debuting our second TV ad of 2014 on the Oscars. So movies are top of mind for us of late.

Classic Movies You Need to Watch this Holiday Season

Here are some of the classics I’ll be enjoying this season with my loved ones.

Home Alone – The Best Home in a Holiday Movie?

In a perfect confluence of events, I ended up working on a project last year that would have made 6 year old me extremely proud. Below is an edited version of a blog I wrote about the home from “Home Alone” and how holiday films like it remind us of childhood.

Macaulay Culkin Turns $2 Million Home Into An Art Studio

When I typically think of Macaulay swinging paint cans around it’s usually in reference to him smacking Daniel Stern and Joe Pesci with them in the comedy classic (yes, classic) Home Alone. Turns out Culkin is swinging paint cans for a different reason these days and it’s not just to redecorate his home…well maybe it is.

10 Video Game Homes We Wish We Could Live In

While video game consoles are changing the way we interact within our home, I would venture that we’re not too far from seeing some of our future home designs come from video game inspirations. In fact there are a couple of fictional homes in games that we’d love to have a chance to live in.

The Home Alone Home – I’m 6 Years Old All Over Again

At the risk of sounding like a movie nerd, I watch a LOT of movies…probably more than I care to admit without otherwise writing under an assumed name. I’m not entirely sure how many theatres I’ve been to or how many bad made for TV movies with Hulk Hogan I’ve watched at home on my [...]

May 05 / 2011