Government Help for Home Buyers: Help After Home...

In the third and final post of the series, we'll explore how home ownership programs don't stop at closing. Many programs, such as tax incentives, can help home buyers in the long run.

Government Help for Home Buyers: Help for...

In the second post of the series, we'll learn about government home ownership programs aimed at home buyers.

Government Help for Home Buyers: The Case for...

In the first post of our series, we'll explore why the government is committed to supporting American homeowners and what this means for prospective home buyers.

Millennials Return to Housing Market

Some thought they’d never be homebuyers but young Americans are getting into the market again, according to the September NAR Report.

A Letter to my Future Home

Here's to all those who dream of owning their own home one day.

Home Buying 101: The Close

In the last post of the series, we look into the grand finale: closing. Often times this can be the most arduous step, but with the right information you can breeze through to home ownership.
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