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Top Things to Do After Moving into a New House

What to do after you move into a new home.

July 16 / 2013

What To Do BEFORE Moving Into a New Home

Subtle improvements before moving into a new home

What to Do When a Home Purchase Deal is Derailed

Unforeseen circumstances can prevent a deal from concluding successfully.

Is that swimming pool safe? What homebuyers should know

By Allstate When an agent takes you to a home and slides open the patio door to reveal a backyard swimming pool, you’ll likely have one of two reactions: you’ll either conjure up images involving lazy Saturdays and margaritas, or you’ll stiffen up with thoughts about the pool safety implications. In either case, a swimming [...]

May 24 / 2012

Infographic: Home Really is Where the Heart Is

When looking for a home everyone uses the same criteria. Beds, bathrooms, price, square footage, etc. But what we at Coldwell Banker Real Estate found is that there is so much more to the home buying process than just facts and figures. Emotions, feelings and lifestyle play just as an important role and they differ for both men and women.

May 08 / 2012

New Year New Home?

It’s officially 2012 so let me start by wishing you a happy new year. In early January, many of us are planning and setting goals for everything we want to do and achieve in the year to come. While many people think of spring as the primetime home buying season, the winter months often offer an even greater selection, and the opportunity to settle into the new home before warmer months arrive. If buying a house is on your “to do” list this year, now is also the time to begin preparing.

January 03 / 2012

Introducing the Coldwell Banker First Time Home Buyer Resource Center

When I look back on buying my first home, I distinctly remember how complex, rewarding and emotional the entire experience was from start to finish. I’ve been traveling a lot over the summer and everywhere I go, I speak with many first time home buyers and they are filled to the brim with many questions. Are prices going to fall lower? Will I get qualified for a loan? And the added fear and scrutiny of the country’s current economic conditions are rightfully making first- time home buyers more nervous than ever.

September 15 / 2011

57 Cents – Then and Now

Despite the factors which have changed, gas prices are still on the minds of many Americans today, so we decided to survey our network of real estate professionals to see how fuel costs are influencing where people want to live.

May 18 / 2011
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Homeownership: It’s YOUR Decision

 I just read Meg Handley’s recent article in U.S. News and World Report and was appreciative of her home buying tips and fair look at who should/should not buy a home today.   While I liked the article, I loved the headline, “Uncertainty remains in the market, but experts say purchasing a home is still a [...]

April 20 / 2011
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It’s All About Trust

I spent a large part of my day with an amazing group of Coldwell Banker agents who came to our corporate office to provide us with a sense of the challenges they and consumers are facing today. I was inspired by Cindy Yoder of Coldwell Banker Vinson Chase in Modesto, California.  Cindy spoke so passionately [...]

October 13 / 2010