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How to Price Your Home for Sale

A lot goes into selling a home, but one of the first questions many owners ask themselves before placing their home on the market is how to price their property. One of the most effective ways owners can set a price is by having their home appraised to determine the market value of their property. [...]

On the Banks of the ol’ Raritan

In honor of my beloved Scarlet Knights football team starting the week at #21 in the USA Today college football poll, I thought I’d once again bring out a vintage listing card from “the vault” and showcase another cool property that Coldwell Banker Real Estate’s Previews program handled back 1936!

Grand Rapids Michigan is the Comeback Kid

Don’t we all love an underdog? From Rocky to the 1980 U.S. Olympic Hockey Team to Butler in recent editions of March Madness. But in real estate, allow this to be the third installment of our love affair with the “comeback kid” – Grand Rapids, Michigan.

May 24 / 2012

The Facts and Stats on the Value of a Real Estate Professional

I just read an article that made me laugh. I have been in real estate for 36 years the CEO of Coldwell Banker since 2004 and I have seen my share of foolish articles and headlines. But this one tops the list: Why Getting Rid Of Realtors Will Save The Housing Market

July 28 / 2011