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Home Remodeling: Where to Start (And When to Stop)

Rather than moving further from the city, many local residents who commute to Center City from the immediate suburbs prefer to remodel their existing homes because they like their neighborhood, their school district, and their proximity to the highways.

June 17 / 2013
Author Jennifer A. DiGiovanni
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Spruce Up Your Home With Popular Improvements

Homeowners should determine beforehand the reasons they are making upgrades to their properties, because it may impact the scope, costs and types of improvements they choose.

Basic Remodeling Ground Rules

There are several different types of remodels an owner may choose to take on, from focusing on redoing a kitchen to building a deck or patio onto their homes.

Home Improvement Costs in the US Infographic

Found this great infographic at Fixr.com that shows what home improvement projects and rooms that home owners are undertaking in the US today.

April 04 / 2011
Author David Marine
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