6 Tips for Watering Your Plants While on Vacation

Simple tricks to keep plants hydrated while you're away

10 Incredibly Romantic Backyard Wedding Ideas

It's wedding season! Thinking about planning the perfect backyard nuptials? Check out this post first.

How To Open Your Pool

Spring is in full bloom and this can mean a lot of things for many different people. For example, if you own a pool you’re surely thinking (probably dreading) about opening it for the season....

How To: Transition Your Summer Patio to a Cozy...

Celebrate the harvest season by turning the back yard patio into a cozy fall retreat.

Quick Tips for Repairing Doors

When's the last time you replaced the doors of your home? I'm guessing never. It's something we don't really think of. They're just there. They open. They shut. So what if there are a few dings in...

Reclaimed Brick: The Process

Reclaimed brick has a strongly nostalgic quality, which is likely why it is popping up in homes all over Philly. If you would like reclaimed brick in your home, you can either buy reclaimed bricks or...
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