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How to Create the Ultimate Despicable Me Minion Themed Kids Room

If your kids are looking to add a little minion fun to their bedroom decor, then take a look at these ideas that will give them the fun look they are seeking without going completely overboard, like the photo above.

February 17 / 2014

Family Fun Month: 14 DIY Projects to Make “Clean Up Time” Fun

It’s family fun month! In part three of our five part series we look to something that is totally NOT fun, and that my friends is clean up time. Hearing those four simple words, “It’s clean up time”, as a child is the worst!  I remember taking in the images of the chaos of Barbie [...]

August 17 / 2012

Here’s to Kid’s Rooms: 10 Rooms We Wish We Grew Up In

In May, we learned from Dr. Robi Ludwig home provides emotional and psychological benefits that go far beyond financial returns. I believe that these benefits play a vital role in even our earliest years of life.  Our earliest roots are planted right in our bedroom. Looking back on my childhood I smile thinking about the [...]