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6 Staging Secrets to Home Selling Success – Part 1

Selling your home in today’s market means appealing to the way people shop and see products. Think of your home as a product, and think of the first day it is on the market as your home’s product debut. The house needs to not only sparkle but create a feeling that will linger in the minds of the potential buyers.

April 07 / 2014

A Lawn Sprinkler System Beautifies the Yard, Conserves Water, and Simplifies Home Maintenance

Lawn sprinkler systems and drip irrigation save water and labor, helping home owners achieve attractive landscaping results. The benefits far outweigh the costs, and maintenance should not be an issue.

Be Water Smart: Reduce Watering Grass and Get Cash from the SNWA

To promote Water Smart landscaping techniques and conservation, the Southern Nevada Water Authority (SNWA) has offered incentives to reduce watering grass, replace lawns with desert landscape, and install rain sensors and “smart” irrigation controllers.

July 16 / 2013
Author Holly DeVore
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How to Make Your Lawn Look Like a Baseball Outfield

The greatest lawn cutters on the planet earth work at Major League Baseball parks. The outfield grass at these pro stadiums is unbelievable. It glistens in the sun and has those perfect stripes in the grass.

5 Things Husbands Need for Spring Cleaning at Home

Gentlemen, the hour is coming nigh. It will be a crisp, sunny Saturday morning and your wife will turn to you and say, “I think we need to do some spring cleaning today.” Fear will strike your heart. An entire Saturday has just vanished before your eyes and you will soon be scouring every dark corner of your home for dust, dirt and particles unknown.

How to Maintain Your Lawn in the Fall

Labor Day is barely out of sight so why are we talking about fall already? Well before you know it the season will be changing and as any good landscaper will tell you it’s the key time to get your lawn ready for the following spring.

September 08 / 2012

A Droid to Cut Your Lawn

I’ll confess. I don’t cut my own lawn. It’s one of those things I can’t stand doing. Blame it on my allergies. Blame it on my lack of handiness. Whatever, I don’t care as long as I don’t have to cut the lawn. I know I’m not alone either and that’s why when I saw the LawnBott Spyder, I was intrigued at having a robot cut my lawn. It’s like having R2D2 become my landscaper.

April 20 / 2012

How to Get Your Home’s Lawn Ready for Spring

My lawn is brutal. There’s one patch in the front yard that just always seems to have trouble growing grass at the same rate as the rest of the yard. It gets dried out faster and it bugs me to no end.

April 19 / 2011