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How is the Real Estate Market?

I like to joke that I started my career in real estate as a 12-year-old when my dad hired me to do odd jobs at his Huskey Realty in Orlando. While mowing the lawn and taking out the trash clearly isn’t “real” real estate, I got a chance to learn about the business from my dad and his agents at a very early age. The lessons learned in those formative years about customer relationships and the role of the Realtor as a trusted advisor remain with me to this day.

Real Estate Headlines for the Start of May

April just flew by faster than teen trying to get home before curfew. Seriously, where did that month go? May is ready to break through and bring warmer weather, playoff hockey & basketball and a greater interest in the real estate market. Here are some headlines to quench your real estate thirst:

April 30 / 2012

The Real Estate Market Tag Cloud

In a recent social media survey, Coldwell Banker Real Estate asked real estate agents from across the globe to describe their local real estate market in one word. The idea was to get a glimpse of what agents are finding the demeanor of their sellers, their buyers and their colleagues to be in this current market.

February 28 / 2011
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Taking My Lumps

I spent yesterday talking with a few media outlets including CNBC’s Squawk Box, ABCNews.com, Yahoo Tech Ticker, Reuters, Smart Money, Money and Forbes about housing and our Buyer Bonus Sales Event.

When I sat down to speak with Aaron Task at Yahoo Tech Ticker I shared with him why today’s interest rates, inventory in many parts of the country and home affordability across many markets make now the best time to buy a home.