5 South Florida Properties with Incredible Views

The properties with the most enjoyable views are those that illustrate the open bay, the ocean, or occasionally both.

5 Reasons Why New Yorkers are Moving to Miami

While comparing New York City and Miami can be like comparing apples and oranges (NYC being the apple and Miami the orange), it’s no secret why Miami is known as The Magic City.

What Does Art Basel Have to do with Real Estate?...

Art Basel attendees don’t just come to Miami to experience art.

Market Spotlight: Miami

A close look at the Miami housing market and the strong influence Latin America has on it

Home of the Week: 6.9 Waterfront Acres in the...

A look at Miami's most expensive property in one of its most exclusive neighborhoods

Miami’s Most Expensive Property — 6.9...

Miami's Most Expensive Property On The Market Listed with William P.D. Pierce of Coldwell Banker Residential Real Estate
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