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Real Estate Headlines Featuring Shaun White, Sochi, Lindsay Vonn and More

The winter Olympics are now taking over our TVs, magazines and pretty much every news outlet. While slopestyle skiing has me enamored with how people do such things going 90 mph down a hill on skis, here is an Olympic-sized portion of your weekly dose of real estate headlines:

February 10 / 2014

Man Finds Legendary Superman Comic Inside the Walls of His Home

The new Superman movie, Man of Steel, will hit theaters in just a few weeks but one man has discovered Superman in his own home in the oddest of places.

Slideshow: Star Gazer Dream Homes

People have been looking at the stars since time began. It’s one of the earliest form of entertainment and some of the first stories told were engineered from looking at the stars. Over time our homes have caused us to lose some of the luster of gazing into the heavens, but at Coldwell Banker Real Estate we found a few homes that are perfect for those who enjoy a closer look at the galaxy. Here are five special homes that Galileo would have loved to call his own:

Slideshow: The Best Home Basketball Courts

Home court advantage is a huge thing especially as we start getting down the wire with college basketball. Winning on the road is no easy task especially in conference play. Same goes for the NBA where every team wants to be able to play in front of their own fans, sleep in their own beds and have the comfort of a familiar court. To a basketball player, your home court is one of your favorite places to be. So why not have a basketball court for your home?