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Real Estate Headlines for the Start of June

The halfway point of the year is here. Welcome to June. A month full of weddings, graduations and the start of the summer vacation season. As you start to think about whether or not you should just buy a vacation home instead of renting every year, here is your weekly dose of real estate headlines to start your week:

Greatest Real Estate Game of All Time Changes Forever

The greatest real estate game of all time is Monopoly. Don’t try and argue. It’s a fact. We were surprised a few years ago when Monopoly disregarded paper money in favor of a new debit card system that allows players to digitally manager their real estate investments and also cut down on those who like to sneak a $500 bill when the banker isn’t looking. Recently an even bigger change was made as Monopoly gave the good citizens of the Internet the ability to add a new game piece while retiring one of the originals. So which Monopoly piece is going away? The iron

February 06 / 2013

National Real Estate Icon Undergoing Transformation

No, this is not about Coldwell Banker Real Estate, LLC ®, the nation’s oldest national real estate brand, but Monopoly®. Now, I have to admit my bias here…I grew up in Atlantic City and lived briefly on States Ave (where the rent was lower) and then moved up to the yellows, between Ventnor and Atlantic [...]

February 25 / 2010