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Are Houseboats the Future of Upscale Living?

Guest Post by Rob Wachter Seattle houseboats, made famous by the film Sleepless in Seattle, could be the future of upscale living. Imagine: a view of the downtown skyline from your living room. Or direct access to Lake Union in your front yard. Rainn Wilson, Seattleite and star of the hit TV series The Office, [...]

Real Estate Headlines for the Dog Days of August

Oh August. How your humidity and heat makes us want you gone, but seeing summer go makes us hate to see you leave. The dog days of August are upon us as the commute feels a little bit lighter and the summer vacations have their final days in the sun. But before you head to the beach, lake or just the A/C here’s your weekly dose of real estate headlines to start your week:

August 12 / 2013

A Review of Historic Philadelphia Neighborhoods

With over 100 distinct neighborhoods in the Philadelphia area, it is easy to see how many people would miss the historic gems located throughout this great city. Here is a list to help you get to know and love the most historic Philadelphia neighborhoods.

July 20 / 2013
Author John Banks
Category Philadelphia
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Here’s to Chicago

What makes a neighborhood great? Everybody has a different answer depending on where you live. People who live just a few miles apart can have very different views of what’s special about their town. So to get a better look at some of the amazing neighborhoods out there we’re starting a new series of blog posts to feature these great places to live. This is inaugural post is from Andrea Geller with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in Chicago, IL who takes us on a quick tour through some of the amazing places to live along the infamous “L” in Chicago.