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Relocating to America: Your Guide to Making A Home Away From Home

“Your home is you – it’s who you are – where you’re from…”

March 13 / 2014

Avoid A Stroke: Get Good Neighbors

I have to admit, reading academic journals isn’t my thing. But I was fascinated to read “Perceived Neighborhood Social Cohesion and Stroke” authored by University of Michigan Department of Psychology researchers Eric Kim, Nansook Park and Christopher Peterson which found that having good neighbors equates to better health.

March 10 / 2014

A New Found Appreciation for Home, Neighbors and Community

I sit at home, recovering from an injury and surgery, not feeling sorry for myself, but being incredibly grateful that we own a home and have established roots in a community where people have taken amazing care of me, David, and our two boys.

Real Estate Headlines for 1st Week of 2012

There’s nothing quite like a new year to reset your life a bit. Resolutions to be made. Goals to be set. And a full 365 days to achieve them. But for now we’ll start with baby steps and get you some of the most interesting real estate headlines for this new year.

January 04 / 2012