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From Texas to New York: A New Holiday Home

Five years ago I packed up my life in Texas and moved to the New York City. As my sixth Christmas in the Big Apple nears I can’t help but reflect on what this life changing transition has been like. Many of my Christmas traditions from life in Texas have been carried over to my new life in the city, but this year there is a new tradition that reminds me that home, during the holidays and every other day, is always better when it is filled with those we love.

December 23 / 2013

New York Real Estate of Mind

I apologize to Billy Joel for the bad pun blog post title, but it seemed to be fitting for the topic at hand. By way of this video, let me introduce you to the Coldwell Banker Bellmarc Group of Manhattan. Made up of Coldwell Banker Bellmarc (which handles the buying/selling of homes) and Coldwell Banker AC Lawrence (which focuses mainly on rentals) they truly have New York City covered no matter what your real estate needs are.

October 14 / 2013
Author David Marine
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Home Tennis Courts Worthy of the US Open

In honor of this year’s U.S. open we here at Coldwell Banker thought it would be clever to showcase some gorgeous homes that feature some incredible tennis courts that are tournament worthy.

August 26 / 2013

Coldwell Banker Takes Manhattan

Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC today announced that The Bellmarc Group has joined the Coldwell Banker® franchise system in the flagship market of Manhattan.

Home of the Week: A Luxurious ‘Georgian’ on the Long Island Sound

Our newest ‘Home of the Week’ keeps us on the Route 95 corridor as we move up from our nation’s capital to a Georgian style masterpiece just 20 miles outside of Manhattan, in Mamaroneck, NY.

The Home of an Unlikely Baseball Immortal

At Colwell Banker Real Estate we like to say that every home has a story. And we believe that when selling a home, Coldwell Banker agents have a unique opportunity to share that story and allow potential buyers to emotionally bond with a home.

March 14 / 2013
Author David Siroty
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The Most Overlooked Question in Real Estate

Real estate agents are used to getting questions about their local market. Most are routine. What’s the market like? What are prices doing? Should I buy now? Sell now? But for years I have been amazed that not much attention is paid to how long a home for sale stays on the market.

September 07 / 2012

Real Estate by the Numbers for September

Hope everyone is doing well. It’s time for my “behind the numbers” look at coldwellbanker.com which examines some of what happened on the site in the last few weeks.

Where US Olympic Athletes Call Home

I do love the Olympics. The pageantry. The competition. The Cinderella stories. The patriotic pride. And of course I’ll be humming John Williams’ brass-tastic Olympic Theme in my head for the next few weeks. Whether you like basketball, track & field, swimming or gymnastics, it’s hard not to get psyched up for Team USA.

July 27 / 2012

Real Estate by the Numbers for July 2012

Welcome to our second look inside the numbers of coldwellbanker.com. Before I get into the most visited homes on our site and where visitors are coming from and showing the most interest in, I wanted to touch on how consumers are searching. It is fascinating.